Why do all comic book writers need to spend a week with a pair of boobs stuck on?

So that they’d realize they’re not that big of a deal!!

Also, that they don’t have to get everywhere all the time.

Justice League of America Team History by James Robinson, Mark Bagley and Rob Hunter

So I guess I’m the slippery slope to complete nerd-dom, if I wasn’t on it all ready, because I just read a Justice League comic. Next thing you know I’ll be living in a house with no space to sit down because of the mounds of comic books everywhere.

Okay maybe not because I didn’t really like it that much. There was an awful lot of it that didn’t have Batman in it. Which was disappointing. The internet informed me that Dick  Grayson as Batman joined the Justice League. There’s so much stuff about my most favourite character that I’ve never even looked into. His time in the Teen Titans. His time being a cop. His time in the scary disco costume. So I figured I’d just check out the JLA.

So one thing I really liked about this comic, surprising no one I’m sure, was the parts with Dick in them. But not because they made me giggle like a crazed fan girl at Comic-Con. Because they were well written. Dick’s always feels just a little bit like he’s preforming the role of Batman instead of actually being the Batman and now he’s in a leader  of the Justice League? He’s not sure he knows what he’s doing at first, he’s constantly thinking about what Bruce would do and is troubled that’s he’s now giving orders to older league members who he knew as a child, as Robin. Plus half the league were Teen Titans with him, and he kind of broke up with them and doesn’t really know how to work with them anymore. But you kind of see him recognize what the team needs and start to work out ways to get that. Just like Bruce would. Only he’s still himself. Anyway, I was impressed.

I was not impressed with the drawings of any of the ladies in this comic though. I know, I know ninety five and a half percent of all comic books readers are dudes, but I don’t think (and please correct me if I’m wrong) the only thing a male can think about is breasts being pushed all over the place in weirdly erotic fighting positions. I like to think half of my species is capable of a little more than that.

But most of the female members of the Justice League have this problem. Vixen, Gypsy and Donna all wear outfits that allow their breasts to escape all the time, Zatanna has no pants, Dr Lite actually gets her clothes BATTLED OFF so she’s left crouching naked at the end of the fight (previously she had been the only member of the team to have clothes covering most of her body), we all know what Wonder Woman wears and Starfire’s outfit is literally two purple strips that run from her throat, over her nipples and then plug into her underwear. Oh, and boots.

I’m not a superhero. My boobs are not the size of watermelons. But I really think that if I were going to battle undead superheroes I’d slap on a sports bra. It would make me less sexy it’s true, but also more likely to effectively kick ass. And that’s what should be sexy.

Last movie I watched: Shudder – still Priest .Still rubbish.

Last TV episode I watched: Grimm. Seriously people need to stop eating weird stuff on that show.


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