Love Triangles

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Once again, I read this book a long time ago, but like all the Cassandra Clare books, I really enjoyed it. Although it was very heavily based on a love triangle, which I don’t usually like, but Clare did a great job of making all members of of the triangle equally developed instead of having one poor player basically be a straw man there for dramatic tension, instead of being actually lovable.

The supporting cast was also excellent and there were some really, really good reveals, as well as Magnus Bane, making it all in all a great reading experience.

Last movie I watched:

I’m really not sure. Part of 101 Dalmatians I think?

Last TV episode I watched:

How I Met Your Mother. Fun times.

Supernatural Sherlock

Jackaby by William Ritter

I have to say, I’ve been on a quite a roll as far as excellent reading material is concerned.  I don’t mean to brag (well, I can’t because someone’s pressured me into reading the last couple books) but seriously, I’m on fire.

Jackaby is the story of a young woman named Abigail Rook who arrives in New England in 1892 after running away from her British parents, blowing all her tuition money on an archaeological dig that didn’t pan out and heading to America because she has nowhere else to go. When she arrives in Fiddleham, she has little more than the clothes on her back so she starts looking for work. And as luck and few unusual events would have there’s only one person in who’s hiring: Jackaby, a private detective who solves crimes of an unusual and magical nature. Finally Abigail has found the adventure she’s always dreamed of. But will she survive it?

I don’t mean to spoil it, but there’s a second one, so yeah, she’s probably gonna get through it.

This book, which is good reading for probably kids about 11 to maybe 15, although obviously there’s wiggle room depending on reading skills and comfort with gross, gory things, is a great read. Quick paced, driven and funny, the supporting non humans are interesting, sympathetic and rooted in some interesting mythology.

But of course, it’s the heroes who really make the story. Abigail is a great heroine, stubborn and interesting with enough personality to drive the story, not just be caught up in it and Jackaby is a Benedict Cumberbatch-esque character. Brilliant, driven, perceptive, smart and also completely unaware of the thoughts, feelings and motivations of others. His lack of awareness is funny and allows for Abigail to prove her worth, and possibly the worth of everyone who is unremarkable in many senses, but smart and kind and courageous as she navigates with world Jackaby is barely aware of: the human one.

Overall, all I can say is this book is wonderful. Dark, grim and a little bloody, but for a reader who can handle and or love that, a fun ride all the way through.

Last movie I watched.

Inside Out. I have too many feelings.

Last TV episode I watched:

Witches of East End. I’m so sad this got canceled. This is a really fun, guilty pleasure, kinda awesome show.