Two things I love, combined poorly

Batman: Nightwalkers by Marie Lu

Batman is 100% my favourite superhero ever and realistically if I didn’t have a family and a job and a house, most of my time, money and mental energy would be devoted to Batman. It probably okay that I’m a little more of a well rounded person, but I’m always happy to indulge my love for Batman. I also really, really enjoyed Legend, Marie Lu’s Hunger Games-esk Ya series so when I realized she was writing a stand-alone Batman novel for DC I was pretty excited.

Until I read it, then I became a little disappointed.

There was nothing wrong with it exactly, there just wasn’t anything right either. It follows a teenage Bruce Wayne, along with the usual supporting cast and a new character named Madeleine as he becomes involved with the notorious criminal group known as the Nightwalkers.

I think there were two problems with this book, admittedly only one of which would be a problem if you didn’t love Batman as much as I do. The first was a lack of interesting characterization of Bruce Wayne. He was just a protagonist. Comic Bruce Wayne is a lot of things, you know the list of adjectives could go on for days because so many writers brought something new to the character. But in Nightwalkers he could have been swapped out with any number of generic male protagonists around their 18th birthday. He could have been Hans Solo from the new Solo movie and virtually nothing would have changed. But this might not really matter to all readers, I’ll admit that.

But the plot! Every twist could be seen miles away – two faked deaths, one love interest that wasn’t really a love interest but was a love interest after all, one botched rescue mission, one betrayal, one unresolved love story, I mean really, it was basically the same script as the new Solo movie, now that I think about it. And I’m a snob. I wanted to see something that I didn’t know was coming.

I suppose if I’m being realistic this is a YA novel based on the characters from the recent DC movies. What kind of narrative innovation was I expecting? It was a fun read, like a graphic novel but without the pictures and I enjoyed it, but it didn’t live up to my expectations, which are admittedly, too high.

Last movie I watched:

Solo. It was fine. I liked it. It was fine.

Last TV show I watched:

Friends. Near the end. This was a fun show. Dated for sure. Fun though.