It was probably okay to read the last one first

Spirit Animals: The Evertree by Marie Lu

This series is pretty popular with junior readers, and I can’t lie, if they had been written when I was a kid I would have loved them, but unfortunately for my younger self, my present self is a bit more of a snob.

This was a perfectly fine book in just about all ways. The characters are okay, somewhat likable but they are dependent on a certain amount of flat characterization about their racial identities and backgrounds. The story is okay, nothing out of the ordinary, a standard small team of young people who have to save the world from something unthinkably evil after the death of their mentor with a group of allies they’d met on their quest for various objects of power. The world is okay, standard fantasy world with different peoples, landscapes and of course, mythical animals.

When the story is this generic you really need impressive writing to make the book special. But the writing’s pretty fine too. I really like Marie Lu’s YA stuff but this I found underwhelming.

However, the most important part is that I would recommend this series to young readers who liked fantasy and animals. It’s a good series for that.

Last movie I watched:

Equals I think. Not that great, but I love bad science fiction, so I enjoyed it

Last TV epsisode I watched:

Gallavant. Which I think is hilarious.

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