Werewolves and wizards

The Dresden Files Vol 1: Fool Moon by Jim Bitcher

Harry Dresden is the only practicing wizard in Chicago and he’s running out of money. His relationship with the police has fallen apart, but he doesn’t know how much until his contact there, Murphy, brings him in for what looks like werewolf attacks he realizes that they suspect him of being part of some of the cases he’s solved. So while dodging the police he’s tracking down a killer and making new allies or enemies as he goes.

I’m not going to say I was in love with this book. It was good, I enjoyed it but there wasn’t anything about it that made it stick out or seem special to me. I’m probably going to forget about it in a year or two.

Nothing wrong with it, just about very standard. Like watching an episode of most cop shows- it’s cool to see the individual variation or your particular favourite character but you can guess with depressing accuracy exactly what will happen. There’s no twists and turns that you don’t see coming. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t good ’cause it was. I’m not expressing myself well.

The illustrations are great and Dresden’s mix of powers are interesting and cool, particularly the Soulgaze. My favourite was the demon with the tiny glasses. Pretty funny. I will read the next one probably, whenever I get to it. I liked it that much.

Last movie I watched:

Last few minutes of Moulin Rouge. So sad.

Last TV episode I watched:

Say Yes to the Dress. I’m embarrassed but it turns out, cable isn’t all I remember it to be.


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