All the amazingness that is Saga

Saga Vol 1 by Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples

I don’t know where to start. Well I do, but it’s a high pitched kind of fangirl giggle sort of thing, and that’s really hard to spell.

Saga is a graphic novel/comic book if you’re ambitious enough to follow it in staple bound edition, that is the story of a family. Basically. It’s the journey of Hazel, an omnipotent narrator who is also a character in the story, but is a newborn baby at the time. She’s an amazing child because she’s the daughter of two different races who have always been at war with each other, and who no one believed could reproduce together. Her mother, Alana and her father Marko, fleeing their own governments and bounty hungers,  are willing to run anywhere in the galaxy to find a safe place for their baby.

This book is borderline perfection. The villains are villiany but they’ve all got motivations that you can at least understand, if not all out sympathize with them. The baby’s adult voice is funny and genuine. The love between Alana and Marko is sweet and strong and fierce. The universe is the kind of wonderful mix of the challenging, interesting races and places of science fiction, with the mix of wackiness that only comics can pull off.

Nope, everything about this book is amazing. If you have ever thought about starting graphic novels, this is the one. Start here. You will not regret it.

Seriously. Check it out.

Last movie I watched:

No idea. Don’t remember. It’s been a while.

Last TV show I watched:

A few minutes of Spongebob. But really, there was a baby there and I didn’t watch it that much.



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