Secret Librarian Fantasy: Rule the World!

Alcatraz and the Shattered Lenses by Brandon Sanderson

The forth in the Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians series, Shattered Lenses sees Alcatraz, the hero of the story so far, frustrated by the war with the Librarians, and unable to help the Kingdom of Mokia as it is attacked by the Librarians. Until he comes up with a genius plan that will either get him killed or save Mokia – run away from the Knights of Crystallia, who have sworn to protect him and will (hopefully) follow him to Mokia, and turn the tide of the war.

It sounds like an awful plan. It pretty much is an awful plan.

These books are smart and they’re funny, and if kids don’t pick them up on their own, they are still great read-a-loud books for parents who want to get a laugh out of their reading experience. I thought they were hilarious. Somewhere there’s footage of me sitting alone on my couch giggling as I read it. They’ve rich in intertextuality, referring to other famous classics as well as drawing attention to tropes, and are full of funny moments where the author connects to the reader. Normally I would never recommending skipping to the last page, EVER but Sanderson makes it worth your while.

And yet, somehow they aren’t popular. At all. Apparently they were dropped by the original publisher, which is why they’re so hard to find, before the series was even finished and Brandon Sanderson had to buy back the rights to his story to find another publisher who would finish the complete series. Now, my sources for this information aren’t the most reliable but it tracks with my own experience. I tried to buy the first one for a fellow evil librarian, only to find that no book stores have it, or are likely to get it. My copy of the first one came from a thrift store.

So mostly, it is just important that as many people as possible read this book. Because I need the fifth one to come out. And after you read it, you’ll need that too. And the more people who need it, the more likely it is that we’ll actually get it.

So go forth, read Alcatraz and love it.

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How to Get Away With Murder. Oh it’s good. So good. Very, very good.


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