Not getting swept off my feet

Fallen In Love by Lauren Kate

Right off the bat, I’m going to say this was a pretty unimpressive book. But it’s also a novella that slips in somewhere in the middle of the Fallen series, which I have not read, so maybe it’s much better if you have a bit of context.

I picked it up by mistake when I was working in a very small library that basically only had adult audiobooks and I needed it that day for a long drive.Lots of pressure, not a lot of time to think. This is how accidents happen to me.

This story is four short stories about love, told from the perspective of the major characters in the Fallen trilogy. The first one was Shelley and Miles, two friends of the protagonist Lucinda, who have followed her through time to a Valentines Day festival in medieval England. Perhaps snobbishly, I didn’t find their love story particularly enchanting. The two of them just kinda realized they loved each other. Maybe I’m being too hard on it, since that’s my own experience falling in love (just kinda realizing I’m in it) but overall they weren’t that interesting as characters and the story wasn’t particularly driven.

The next one was much better. The story of Roland, an angel or possibly a fallen angel, I’m not sure, I’m missing a lot of background here, and his one true love. This story is much more interesting because it’s about the forces that drive people apart, bring them back together and the cost of truly loving someone. All in all, Roland and his beloved were much more interesting lovers and their actions and motivations much more real, and moving. My favourite part (spoiler!) was the end, when Roland realized that although he was still in love, she wasn’t and that the only thing he could do to ever prove his love, even if she never knew it, was to save the life of her husband.

The next story was my favourite. The story of Arianne and her lover Tess. An angel and a demon, so obviously in love, but unable to be together forever because of the forces that draw them apart. Besides how nice it is to see lesbians represented, and as more then just token lesbians, and the genuine love and affection between the two characters, I appreciated that it was the gay characters who faced such extreme outside pressure to not be together and eventually that struggle broke them apart. Because sometimes that happens. ¬†Arianne’s struggle to be true to herself and with her love was also very real and moving. Also the end of their relationship left me in tears. It was awful.

And then, by comparison, Lucinda and Daniel’s only Valentine’s Day together was pretty unspectacular. Compared to the two stories that came before it, which were about the struggles of love, it wasn’t that interesting to read about a nice romantic surprise for two characters with very little actual character (Again, this might be totally different to someone who’d read the in the order they were supposed to). It was satisfying in the last one to see the way all the stories came together, but overall, it wasn’t really my favourite.

My advice, which I obviously didn’t take, is read them in the right order. If you’re not going to do that, maybe don’t bother.

Last movie I watched:

Love Actually. I actually love it.

Last TV episode I watched:

Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t actually watch the show, just pick up an episode here and there. It was fine I guess. I don’t know.




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