Hilarious comic book fun, in unexpected places

The Tick # 1,2 and 4 by Ben Edlund, Eli Stone, George Suarez, Bob Polio and Dave Snyder

This is going to be a shoddy post. I’m really sorry about that. It just is.

I read these comics almost eight weeks ago when I was sitting in my (then) new, tiny, tiny apartment a week into a new job. Since then I’ve moved to a new tiny apartment and am about a month into a different new job.

Mostly what I remember about these comics is that they were hilarious. I really, really liked the one that Superman guest starred in because it was just full of hard core satire of comics in general, not particularly Superman. Full of clever word play and comical sketches, they were way more fun to read then I thought they would be. Picked them up for free somewhere and really didn’t have high hopes for them. So the laugh out loud was pretty great.

I don’t know what else you want from me. It was too long ago. I’m sorry. Life is hard and complicated.

Which is why comic books are great.

Last movie I watched:

Cool Runnings! I love that movie!!

Last TV show I watched:

I have no idea. Haven’t watched any since I moved. It might have been North And South? Does that count?

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