Hilarious comic book fun, in unexpected places

The Tick # 1,2 and 4 by Ben Edlund, Eli Stone, George Suarez, Bob Polio and Dave Snyder

This is going to be a shoddy post. I’m really sorry about that. It just is.

I read these comics almost eight weeks ago when I was sitting in my (then) new, tiny, tiny apartment a week into a new job. Since then I’ve moved to a new tiny apartment and am about a month into a different new job.

Mostly what I remember about these comics is that they were hilarious. I really, really liked the one that Superman guest starred in because it was just full of hard core satire of comics in general, not particularly Superman. Full of clever word play and comical sketches, they were way more fun to read then I thought they would be. Picked them up for free somewhere and really didn’t have high hopes for them. So the laugh out loud was pretty great.

I don’t know what else you want from me. It was too long ago. I’m sorry. Life is hard and complicated.

Which is why comic books are great.

Last movie I watched:

Cool Runnings! I love that movie!!

Last TV show I watched:

I have no idea. Haven’t watched any since I moved. It might have been North And South? Does that count?

My childhood fantasy in a series

Animal Spirits Book 6: Rise and Fall by  Eliot Schrefer

This book is the middle of the popular (and frustrating to shelf) kids series that I haven’t read the rest of. I was very impressed with it.

It’s worth mentioning maybe that since my last post I’ve gotten a job, moved, gotten a better job, got married and moved again, so it’s been a while sine I actually read this book, and it’s only getting worse. Therefore, if I’m fuzzy on the details of say, the next six posts, I’m really, really sorry.

I haven’t read the rest of the books in this series, but I’m pretty sure I’m about to spoil them. Abeke and Meilin are being held prisoner by the Conquerors. Rolland and Connor have no choice but to continue their quest alone. Together with their mentor Tarik they continue their journey to gather the talisman of Cabaro, the great lion, before the Conquerors do. As the girls struggle to learn to trust each other again and form a relationship with Shane, one of their captors, Rolland and Connor are torn between their duty and the war, and how much they want to go after their friends.

This book did a good job of creating a multi cultural cast of characters. It may have been a little token minority feeling to me but really that is way, way better then a whitewashed group of characters in a fantasy world where everyone is white except the bad guys. It was also pretty dark. I’m sometimes suspicious of the emotional impact of serial kids fiction because good writing, surprise twists and lovable characters aren’t always the point, but there were a couple really big moments for me. One was a surprise death (okay, not a complete surprise but SPOILER the mentor usually dies in the second to last book but, even though it shouldn’t have been a surprise, I was still not ready for it) and the twist at the end, involving an epic betrayal and a very clever plot  twist that I did not see coming, at all.

Also, the idea of having an animal best friend who was always with you, either hidden in a tattoo or you know, walking around with you is awesome! Ten year old me would have totally lost her mind with excitement.

A good read indeed. Higher reading level for school aged kids who like adventure, magic and a fast pace. I’d recommend it for sure.

Last Movie I watched:

Hocus Pocus. Because it was Halloween and I was moving and that’s all the festivities I had time for.

Last TV episode I watched:

America’s Funniest Home Videos. It makes me seasick. Does that happen to anyone else?