The best story that the New 52 just erased for no actual reason

Red Robin: Collision by Chris Yost, Marcus To and Ray McCarthy

This series is one the best Batfamily series I think I’ve ever read, and I might seem to say that a lot, but I really do mean it.

Tim Drake (Robin #3) is convinced that Bruce Wayne (apparently recently dead – spoiler, he gets better) isn’t dead, but is trapped in time. Dick Grayson (Robin #1) is wearing the Cowl now, and chose Damian Wayne (Robin # 4 or 5 depending on who you ask) instead of his brother (adopted technically) Tim. He leaves Gotham to search for Bruce and gets mixed up in the League of Assassins. This book is the story of Tim coming home.

It has the best parts of a comic book – good fight scenes, relatively clever and driven plots, lots of humour and of course, the wonderful bundle of characters.

Okay, it’s not exactly high quality literature but it’s just really fun to see the Tim reuniting with his family and kick some bad guy ninja butt and really do Bruce proud. Tim deserves more credit for his awesomeness then he gets.

Last movie I watched:

Star Trek Into Darkness. This is a fun movie. Not as smart or big ideas as the original Star Trek but way more fun. Not as funny in a bad way either.

Last TV episode I watched:

The Fosters. Oh my god, the Fosters.


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