The surprising death that redeemed it all

The Key Guardians of Time by Marianne Curley

This book had a lot of the things that I didn’t like about the first two in it, but also something that the other two didn’t, which has gone a long way to improving my feelings about the series overall.

Like the first two books, the characterization was flat and the dialogue was simple. Every twist and turn, mostly motivated by love triangles rather then plot could be seen coming for miles, like a slow moving freight train, and in some cases, about as exciting.

The characters slowly paired off with their soul mates, we never heard anything else about some of the genuinely interesting, relatable stories like Ethan’s mom’s mental health or Isabel’s feelings of betrayal from her biological father and Matt’s development is about as complex as turning on a light. His struggles are so perfect and noble, his surprise parentage only adds to that and his love story is nothing if not cheesy.

But the redeeming factor is Rochelle. She’s not as developed as she deserves to be, but really, she’s the best narrator the series ever provided. Her back story, of watching her father beat her mother to death in a drunk rage, the marks the trauma left on her, the feelings of worthlessness that drove her to join the Big Bad, her feelings of isolation from her peers, her feelings for Ethan, her struggles with her new powers and ultimately her reluctant sacrifice to save her friends and the world are all really interesting and complex.

It’s kinda a shame the book isn’t entirely about her.

The beautifully moving ending really makes up for the lack of good storytelling.

And of course, it is a kid’s series. I’m a snob who wants good writing, good characters and good plots but lots of people, including kids, including me from time to time, enjoy something that’s not exactly of the highest literary merit. And I think that’s okay.

Last movie I watched:

Justice League Gods and Monsters. Don’t judge me! It was pretty good, although I prefer Bruce Wayne universes

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Random Dark Angel. That was a good show guys. Why do all the good shows get canceled?