Time Travel Part 2

The Dark by Marianne Curley

This is the second book in the trilogy that started with the Named. It’s got the same interesting, time traveling, evil bad guy kicking plot points as the last book, but it’s large problem is also becoming clearer: very weak characters.

I will summarize the story. Female Heroine and Generous Mentor figure, who also happens to be her soul mate, go on a mission together to stop the murder of a young woman in the past. They are attacked by Mindless Evil Minions who kidnap Generous Mentor. Generous Mentor is then tortured but refuses to betray his people, so he is taken to be the bait in trap by the Moral Bad Guy. In the trap he meets the ghost of his former pupil Ethan’s sister, the Surprise Crazy Prison Acquaintance. Mean while, back on earth Female Heroine, Male Hero, Over Protective Brother, Grumpy Mentor and Fun Mentor try to launch a mission to rescue Generous Mentor. However, they are blocked in their efforts by the Greater Power, who insists it’s too much of a risk. After a few missions with the Bitter Turncoat, Female Heroine, Male Hero and Over Protective Brother defy Greater Power with the help of Benevolent Council Members. After meeting the Lone Moral Minion and turning the Moral Bad Guy to their side, the rescue mission is a great success, they all get back to face the Greater Good’s judgement, are forgiven and we all buckle down for the next book.

The trouble with this book is not the story, which might be generic but still interesting, particularly with the time traveling to different ages to stop history from being changed, which is potentially awesome, but the characters. I want Professor Snape, not Grumpy Mentor who has no character traits other then grumping and guiding the kids. I wand Grover not Over Protective Brother because one trait doesn’t make a person whole. I want the Council of Elrond because they make mistakes and screw ups and then they own them and that’s more interesting then the Benevolent Council who never do anything but appear to offer wisdom, help or guidance when the plot is really stuck. I don’t want soulmates who can’t help but love each other, I want love, which is real and hard and full of a lot more then just blushes and first kisses and destiny. I know I’m being snobby, but the reason this book isn’t in the same league as Harry Potter or Percy Jackson is because everyone’s a trope and no one steps off the page.

Having said that, I’ll totally be reading the next one.

Last movie I watched:

Part of Boyhood, but I didn’t get much out of it.

Last episode I watched:

Leverage! I can’t even. They are all my favourites.

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