Return to Tanglewood forest. This time with a puppy.

Seven Wild Sisters by Charles De Lint

I read The Cats of Tanglewood Forest almost exactly a year ago. It was the story of a little girl who got pulled into a fairy tale. Seven Wild Sisters is it’s sequel, and it has the same delicate storycraft, wonderful characters and real fairy (not Disney fairy) lore.

Aunt Lillian, the young girl from the first book is worried. She owes the Father of Cats a favour, to be passed down to her children, but she has never had any. But seven girls move in the farm down the hill and Sarah Jane, the middle child is drawn to Aunt Litiian. But one well meaning mistake on Sarah Jane’s part throws her, Aunt Lillian and her six sisters into the middle of a great fairy feud.

The story is told alternatively in first person from Sarah Jane’s perspective and third person for the other sisters. Despite being a relatively short book, it does a good job and developing each girl individually and delving into older fairy mythology.

Compared to some of the children’s books on the shelves right now, it’s not as face paced, action driven or as funny, but it’s still a very nice, careful read. I would recommend reading it allowed or giving it to more advanced readers. There’s also a bit of grim content, with a few fairy deaths here and there, but overall it is quite innocent and charming. Roots the dog and the supporting case of fairies are all lovable and witty characters who should earn the love of anyone who reads it and the girls’ courage and devotion to their family is all pretty feel good. Overall, a win.

Perfect for everyone looking to escape for a bit.

Last movie I watched:

I think Georgina Rules. That was upsetting and grim, but I guess it all worked out in the end

Last TV episode I watched:

Once Upon a Time!! They’ve lost Henry!!


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