That funny feeling where you’re missing something

A Dragonborn Novel: Fireborn by Toby Forward

So, if I ever find a job and if that job involves picking up ARC of books, I’m going to try and read them before their release dates. Because I have no idea when or where I got this book but it came out Christmas 2013. Worth the wait though.

It is the prequel to Dragonborn, which I have not read. That’s the part that I didn’t get. I think there were some big reveals about the characters from that book, particularly near the end of this one, but not having read the next one, I have not idea. Whatever, it was still a good book on its own.

It’s the story of two young wizards – Cabbage, apprenticed to the wise, powerful and kind Flaxfield and Bee about to be apprenticed to a greedy, powerless old wizard called Slowin. In an attempt to steal Bee’s power, Slowin takes her name, and in doing so unleashes the wild magic that turns helpful spells deadly. Cabbage, Flaxfield and a roffle called Perry set out to understand the death of a man, killed by magic ¬†unexpectedly and end up having to save the world.

This book was neat! I liked the language and the language play and the story, with some lovely characters and some solid world building and particularly the roffles (another species who live in the Deep World and always speak in riddles but only to keep themselves mysterious, if it gets too bothersome they can stop).

Bee, after surviving the horrifying ordeal of having her magic taken from her, is left permanently, physically scarred. Her struggle with her appearance and constant pain made me think this is a good story for children who survive bad accidents or live with an illness that causes them pain. It seems to me that it’s important for children to have this kind of story so they get to see their own experiences and feelings. For this and it’s many other excellent narrative qualities, I would recommend it to reasonable strong readers who love fantasy.

And also roffles.

Last movie I watched:

Something Borrowed. That actress is seriously risking being typed cast as excessively meek and in love with someone else’s spouse. But in Once Upon a Time, she was a lot more kick ass.

Last TV episode I watched:

Game of Thrones! Everyone panic all the time! Weird things are happening.


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