Comic book binge is continuing

Batman: Bruce Wayne the Road Home by Fabian Nicieza, Cliff Richards, Ian Hannin, Dave Sharpe, Louis Prandi and a whole bunch other amazing people

This particular Batman was exactly what I love about Batman. Therefore I pretty much think it’s the best thing ever. I may not be correct, I am the first to admit I am not approaching this unbaised, but I thought it was awesome. Feel free to disagree.

Note: I will probably ignore anyone who disagrees.

So somehow Bruce has found his way back from his travels in time, only to find that life has continued on in his absence. Dick and Damian are making an epic Batman and Robin. Tim’s out in the world, making his own choices. Selena is, in her own Catwoman way, trying to be the best she can be. Oracle’s got everything under control. Even Jim Gordan’s managed to stay alive without him. Because life continues after death, as it has to all of the people Bruce loves and he’s forced to wonder where his place is, in this strange new world. He visits each member of the “family”, tests them and is pleased with their performance, if not completely sold on their choices, which reinforces his feelings of being out of place. But when Vicki Vale, his former lover FINALLY figures out the truth about the ever puzzling Batman/Bruce Wayne identity overlap and threatens to take it public, she triggers the kidnap urge in all the bad guys ever. So Bruce is forced to step back into the crime fighting game, and out of the, you know, trying to kill his family under an alias as part of an elaborate test game.

Man, DC you do know how to write a delightfully messed up family don’tcha?

I loved it because I like to see the whole family, and I found Bruce’s inner monologuing really interesting. Often the stories kind of generate conflict specifically to torture Bruce and spice up that inner monologuing. But this one felt good and natural and yeah, it must be really weird to die and then come back and see the way everyone just moved on without you and how do you step back into your old shoes when someone else is wearing them, almost better than you? Therefore complicated and emotional narrative, all my favourite characters and particularly kickass moment from Barbara when she realizes that this mysterious masked man is actually Bruce, you are going to make me into a gleeful, goofy nerd. That’s all there is to it.

Last movie I watched:

Pitch Perfect. Hilarious and musical, as always.

Last TV episode I watched:

Something about a house and redecorating it. Maybe Property Brothers. Unfortunately for both my current hosts and my significant other, I actually couldn’t care less about whether this family needs to expand their home or not, and nothing but deep affection for these people and an enjoyment of ripping into commercials makes me sit beside them quietly and fake watch any of it.

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