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Septimus Heap: Book one: Magyk by Angie Sage

Septimus Heap was the seventh son of the seventh son, and therefore destined to have magical powers unlike another Ordinary wizard out there. But he died the day he was born. The day the Queen was overthrown and the Princess was lost. The day Silas, Septimus`s father, found a baby girl in the forest and decided to bring her home with him. So a little girl they named Jenna took Septimus`s place, and grew up with Silas and Sarah and her six older brothers until the day Marcia, the Extraordinary Wizard appeared, with a terrible secret that threatens them all: Jenna is the long lost Queenling, and the Necromancer is coming for her.

And off they go, on a delightful adventure that is pretty much hilarious.

The writing is so light and fun and clever, the characters are totally awesome and lovable and while the story is a little predictable, it`s predictable in a way that just sort of flatters the reader and makes them feel smart for working it out.

They are thick which can be a seen as a challenge or a turn off to kids, but really, truly they are great. As read-out-louds or for older kids to work through on their own.

When I started this post it looked like it had a lot of promise. But that hasn`t exactly worked out and I`m very tired. When I read book 2 (because I`ve been instructed to read them in order so forcefully someone actually gave me the second one as a gift) I`ll try to come up with a few more intellegent things to say.

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Still About Time

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Charmed. Man the first half of season eight is a bit of a let down