I am Number Five!

I am Number Four: The Lost Files:Five’s Legacy, Return to Paradise and Five’s Betrayal by Pittacus Lore

I haven’t actually read I am Number Four. I saw the movie once, but I assume that the book is much, much, much better. I’m not even sure how I ended up choosing this book but anyway it was great. It consisted of three stories, two about Five and one about Mark, Sarah’s ex-boyfriend who knows about the Mogs and Lorien.

Five apparently goes to the dark side, which I assume is relevant to the series. His story was really interesting and great, with a very understandable slide into evil. Which is more than I can say about other books I’ve listened to recently. Five has lived on a deserted island for years when the story starts, because it’s the only place his Cepan thinks they’ll be safe. This has made  him lonely, and he constantly worries about what the other Lorien are doing without him. He’s also a little lazy and resists Ray’s teaching, but really he’s just a teenager. When Ray dies he’s forced to go out into a world he doesn’t really understand and fight for his survival, mostly using his Legacies. After being alone for so long it’s not that hard to believe he latches on to the first person who shows him real kindness and acceptance. It’s actually totally understandable (and here there be spoilers) when it turns out that his only real friend is working for the Mogs that he’d consider listening to them, that he’d eventually join him. Of course, the reader knows that he’s being manipulated but he’s just a kid who’s spent his whole life being lonely, afraid and feeling like he has no control over his entire life. Why wouldn’t he listen to what he want to hear, particularly when it’s his best friend telling him? Of course as the story goes on it becomes increasingly clear that what he’s doing is horrible, morally unforgivable and destroying who he was, but still, watching his journey, you feel for him. I understood exactly why he’d betray the other Lorien. Lots of heroic falls are over simplified but I didn’t think this one was at all.

Mark’s story was also great. My favourite parts should be familiar to anyone who’s ever kept a big secret – the struggle to pretend life is the same, that you understand it, that you can continue to live it the way you did before. He was also a great character, a perfect blend of selfish and heroic, enough to make him believable, irritating and sympathetic.

I probably should have started at the beginning and worked my way to these stories but I didn’t. I would absolutely read more and recommend them for kids, either as read-withs for slightly younger kids or read yourselves for teens.

Also, aliens in the FBI instead of the FBI after aliens. Solid twist.

Last movie I watched:

Rock A Doodle which is an AMAZING kid’s movie and I don’t know how I missed it as a small person

Last TV episode I watched:

Charmed! The season with all the babies!


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