A truly eclectic collection of comic books

Avatar The Last Bender by Gene Luen Yang and Faith Erin Hicks

Captain Canuck by Richard Comely, Paul Gardner, Dean Henry, George Freeman and Claude St Audin

Countdown to Final Crisis Paul Dini, Sean Mckeever, Keith Giffen, Jamal Igle, Keith Champagne, Tim Chu, Travis Lanham, Adam Kubert, Edgar Delgado, Elisabeth V Gehrlen and Mike Carlin

Thor God of Thunder bu Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic

Teen Titans Go! by Sholly Fisch, Ben Bates, Wes Abbott, Dan Hipp and Alex Antone

The New 52 Futures End by someone who apparently had their names taken off the cover

Okay, briefly because even though I was fond of most of them, I’m very behind on my blogs and my lunch is over in 20 minutes.

The Avatar was great! It was very empowered, kick ass lady like and I would absolutely read the rest of the series, even the ones that I’d have to pay for. You know, if I actually had time.

Captain Canuck is back. Everyone panic. Honestly, I kind of think the idea is kind of ridiculous because I’d rather my people and I came up with something that was less of a knock off and more of a Canadian thing, but I have to say it was pretty good. I liked it, and I was pretty impressed. It was cool to see places I know being reflecting in comics. Probably not enough to by the rest of them but you know, it was good.

The Countdown, I felt like I missed something. It looks like some of the Titans and some of the Justice League are somewhere, doing something. Yes, that is my report.

The Thor had no words and was basically a big teaser, but I’m not captivated enough to buy the next one. Sorry Thor.

Teen Titans Go! had a pizza monster. I enjoyed the cartoon for sure, and that is the kind of goofy, but this was like really, really goofy. And I laughed a lot.

The New 52 is Batman Beyond! It is Terry! Going back in time to meet the original Justice League and I’m really excited about this one.

Okay, weak blog post, I’ll grant you that. But I read them in a very spread out over several months and they’re a little short to get much said.

That’s why comic books are awesome! Bite sizes of fun!

The last movie I watched:

Probably still the Book Thief. So sad!

Last TV episode I watched:

The last episode of Smash! Season one. Helluva closing number.


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