Someone needs to make Artemis Fowl into a movie, but only if Liam Nesson plays Butler

Artemis Fowl The Lost Colony by Eoin Colfer

Super seriously guys, Liam Nesson would be perfect. He’s really tall, Irish and can totally be terrifying. It would be amazing.

Artemis Fowl is great. I’ve read three, one as a graphic novel, one as an actual novel and one as an audiobook in no particular order and every time I do I remember just how awesome they actually are! In case you haven’t had the pleasure, the story is this:

Artemis Fowl is, when the series starts, an eleven year old criminal mastermind who is looking for his father who was kidnapped by the Russian Mafia. He comes up with a genius plan to kidnap a fairy, Holly Short and ransom her for the fairy gold he needs to fund his search for his father. And as the series goes Holly and Artemis end up on the same side to save the world and stop disasters of the scientific, human and fairy kind. In the Lost Colony, its the lost demon dimension crashing back into our reality bringing chaos and violence that units them. With an amazing crew of epic sidekicks who are all my favourites, other than Butler who is my most favourite, the boy genius, the former fairy police officer and a young nemesis called Minerva have to save the world. Again.

These books are fun, funny, the characters are hilarious and well developed. The plot is delightful and the blend of magic and science. Boys should love them because they’re face paced, have wacky creatures and no shortage of biology based jokes but honestly, everyone should just read them because they are great.

I’m going to try to read the whole series, then maybe I’ll come up with something way smarter to say.

Last movie I watched:

Princess Diary 2. So cute. And ridiculous. Ridiculously cute. Or cutely ridiculous. Whatever.

Last TV show I watched:

Veronica Mars. Ridiculously awesome.


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