Oh superhero comics, it has been so long

Nightwing Free Fall by Peter J Tomasi, Rags Morales, Don Kramer and Michael Bair

Well, this was the most comic book of comic books I’ve read in a while, complete with mostly dead superheroes, lots of guest appearances and super-weird superpowers.

In this story Dick Grayson moves to New York to investigate some grave robbing, which turns out to be part of a giant super villain plot to get an even more giant supervillain army. It’s super filled with capes and aerial battles and mortal frenemies.

My favourite part about this one is the way it balanced Dick Grayson with Nightwing. Sometimes there’s quite a slant towards the superhero and less of the other person, but here we see Dick moving, getting a new job, new girl (who I predict will die or turn evil any minute now) and interact with his Batfamily. And I love that stuff.

The weirdest part was the superhuman who gives birth to a hundred babies at a time, is constantly pregnant and watches all her children age and die prematurely. What the hell is that about?

Overall though, fun read!

Last movie I watched:

Ummm, probably  Fingersmith. Still awesome

Last TV episode I watched:

Charmed. Cole and Pheobe are getting married guys. I wonder if that’s going to end well….


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