Oh, Harry Potter, you’ll always be there for us

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J. K. Rowling

The first time I read this Harry Potter book it was my least favourite. But every time I read it, I like it more and more and more. The first time around I didn’t like how much extra time was spent outside of Hogwarts, how the mystery stories that required breaking rules and sneaking around was lost in all this other stuff, and the rather sudden introduction of the rest of the world. But now, maybe because I’ve spent a lot more of my life not in school, I don’t mind so much.

Honestly, these books are great. They’re fun and they’re fast and they’re full of great characters in all possible capacities. It’s just fantastic. Loved it.

The thing that makes this one different is the message of global cooperation overcoming evils, which is maybe slightly heavy handed, but seems particularly true the last few weeks if you’ve accidentally stumbled onto the news.

Usually, I get really down on books I feel are trying to teach kids stuff in an overt, annoying manner. I’m pretty anti-fable for that reason. I’m pretty anti-didacticism so Dumbledore’s speech could be over the top (although maybe it just doesn’t feel so bad compared to the Land of the Stories which I’m currently reading). But it isn’t. It just feels nice and  genuine and true.

The kind of the truth that children recognize and speak, and adults over complicated.

Because when you’re an adult, you know there isn’t a Voldemort and a Dumbledore. You know that at least half the bad people and half the good people are really just people doing their best, not for ideology or religion or culture  or anything else.  Really they’re only trying to protect the people they love. And the longer the series goes, the more you get into that.

Which makes it so good.

Last movie I watched:

I’m not sure I even remember. Probably still the Wolverine. Still not that much like an X-men movie.

Last TV show I watched:

Veronica Mars!!!!!! Logan! Veronica! Mr Mars!! This show is so exciting. And emotionally exhausting. And I love it.

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