One great author + one good story + a lot of ideas = not the Fault in Our Stars

Paper Towns by John Green

I guess it’s just hard when you go from reading Fault In Our Stars to like… anything, but particularly another John Green book. You can see the evolution of his writing pretty clearly I think. Or maybe i’m just being pretentious.

But Paper Towns is really not a story about a shy, anxious, kind of nerdy boy who found the body of a suicide victim when he was ten years old with his neighbour Margo, also the love of his life all the way up until his senior year of high school. It’s actually a huge explorations of identity, detailed Walt Whitman analysis and musings about individuality and personality and life and death and love and pretty much every other heavy topic you’ve ever thought about for an English paper.

Which the Fault In Our Stars kind of does too.

Unlike FinOS though it doesn’t have any of the laughing until you need to pee, crying and not being about to stop. I liked the story, I liked the characters, it was fun, the sidekicks were awesome, the story was  good. It was just lacking in something that I’m starting to feel was emotional drive. I think I found it just a little cold, too intellectually driven, not enough emotional impact.

And it’s hard to say that ’cause I love, love, love, love John Green and I did enjoy it it just didn’t make me feel anything. Other then like “Whoa that was a great metaphor!” and “Hey that’s exactly how I feel too! Epic!” but I guess I don’t read books for self gratification, although it is kind of fun.

So there you have it I guess. Good book. Just not  THAT good.

Sorry John Green.

Last movie I watched:

The Wolverine. Not like an X-men at all. None of the fun stuff about people and tolerance and changing society and whatever. Just fighting. But I guess Hugh Jackman is a plus.

Last TV episode I watched:

This Buffy episode IS SO AWESOME.

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