New experience: Vampire Sci Fi on CD!

The Blood of Eden: Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

My new, exciting librarian type job is great and I like it very much and it comes with a long commute. So I thought “Hey audiobooks!” And I have to say, I like them. I mean, I miss the smell of books and turning the pages and the snuggling aspect of the experience, but it’s great to have someone else to read for you. And a super smart use of time.

So my audiobook virginity goes to the Immortal Rules, a story about Ally, an Unregistered who lives in the fringes of a vampire city, struggling to keep herself and her crew from starving and not getting bitten by any of the rulers of the city. Of course, it doesn’t stay like this for long, and after a particularly terrible night she finds herself facing an impossible choice: die or become one of the race she hates the most, a vampire.

Obviously (spoiler) she chooses to become a vampire or else the book would be real short, and enters into another world, but not completely. Despite her undeadness and blood sucking nature she can’t quite escape human feelings like love, compassion and loyalty, which drive her to do the most unvampire like things.

Man, it was good. It was a weird blend of mythology, mostly the vampire kind, and science fiction, where a pandemic is what leads to the post-apocalyptic  dystopian Ally survives in. And it was positively delightful. Ally was a lovable heroine who struggles with her intense emotions, blood lust, duty and self preservation instincts and the supporting cast is great. Who doesn’t love Zek and Kanan and even Caleb. It’s a story of humanity in a world where it’s mostly gone.

There’s one big complaint I do have about it though, and that’s the writing. As previously mentioned, I’m a snob. Any novel that uses the word “cacophony” three times minimum isn’t winning any points for language use. And if I had a nickel for every time the phrase “hot blood flooded” was used, I’d never have to buy gas again. The world is vivid but the words are often clumsy, with dull sentence structures that quickly become patterns. The same collections of verbs and adverbs appear with the frequency of monsters dating Xander Harris.

I want it all. A great story, with real characters and language that’s interesting.

Still, highly recommend and I can’t wait for the next one. My god, that cliff hanger.

Last movie I watched:

Spiderman II. I liked it. Even if the internet didn’t.

Last TV episode I watched:

Buffy. Oh god Tara. Why Tara why?


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