Good old mediocre teen science fiction

Earthseed by Pamela Sargent

This book was great! In a well it was okay I guess I liked it kind of way.

I mean, it had most of your staples of solid science fiction. Strong female heroine, mysterious back story of earth, exciting and new tech and social issues all rolled into one story. Technically I think that’s all you need right?

And I did enjoy it. Zoheret was a good heroine. The right mix of strong and feminine at the same time. Light love interest without it overwhelming the story. Flawed, mistake making but also with some admirable traits, like loyalty and protectiveness and stubbornness. She and the other kids she lives with have been grown and grow up on a spaceship, carrying them away from Earth on a mission to populate the universe. Humans were great and intelligent and driven to colonization after all (well, one of those is true anyway) but no one really understands the Project. They have a sentient ship, the ability to grow people from donated DNA and suspended animation. And there’s a lot of discussion about how we treat the ill and disabled in our society, even what we define as “disabled”, as well as what it really means to be human. You know, things that generally interest me.

But still, all I can muster is alright. I’d probably read the second, if I came across it somewhere and no one asked me for money for it. It was that good after all.

Last movie I watched:

Where has Osama Been? Super interesting, if a little too warm and fuzzy. Funny though.

Last TV episode I watched:

Angel!!! And a baby!


2 thoughts on “Good old mediocre teen science fiction

  1. Joseph Nebus says:

    There’s something wonderful in a well-carried-out mediocrity, though, isn’t there? I mean, having a book stock full of at least reasonably interesting props that get carried out well but not outstandingly is a treat in its own.

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