Green Lantern and other strange superheroes

Green Lantern Blackest Night by Geoff Johns, Ican Reis, Oclair Albert, Jeo Prado

I’m so torn about the Justice League. This was a great story. The characters who were in it all had great stories. Hawkman and Hawkgirl was beautiful. Atom’s grief is real. The Flash is just excellent, as usual. Good beautiful human stories.

But as a whole they just hang together so goofily.

Green Lantern’s power is his glowing accessories. In the end of the story, he and a bunch of friends with super glowing accessories get together to literally make a rainbow to fight the evil Black Ring. Rainbow jewelry fighting evil. To anyone who was offended when DC introduced a gay Green Lantern: How did you not see this coming?

In this story, the Big Bad makes a bunch of Black Ring that pulls up the dead and turns them into zombies. And because this is a DC universe story, so naturally the only dead that rise are the dead superheroes and they kill their alive superhero friends, who then join the ranks of the zombies. The parts of it that was beautiful and art like and real and compelling were the emotions of the heroes as they face their dead friends. They all struggled so much with survivor’s guilt, grief and hopelessness (’cause this is all shortly after the Final Crisis) and their stories are very human.

And then there’s the weird disconnect between space aliens fighting with people who give themselves superpowers with lab accidents and kids who have to merge into one body to become magical flaming powers. And zombies. What’s that all about?

Highlights: Dick Grayson was mentioned. Alfred was there. Bruce wasn’t ’cause he was dead but they talked about him a lot.

Overall conclusion: 50%  awesome for good writing and nice pictures. 50% for huh?

Last movie I watched:

Divergent I think? Which was good guys. Really good. Like…. good

Last TV episode I watched:

Buffy! Who has recently become not dead. Fun time!


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