In an unprecedented move, I read two books in the same series in a row

The last time that happened it was a Batman.

Black Bulter II by Yana Toboso

In this, the second book of the Black Bulter series, Ciel and Sebastian head to London to investigate…du du daaa…. Jack the Ripper.

Obviously there are more reinterpretations of the Jack the Ripper story then there were hairs on the man’s head. Unless he was bald. In which case, I need a new metaphor. Anyway, generally they don’t vary that much, just enough to tie in whichever character’s doing the investigating, so they do run the risk of being stale.

But also totally lovable.

So, here we have a story of clumsy, annoying servants, double cross, back stabbing, cross dressing, conflicted loyalties, fancy parties and evil but also life saving butlers. And what more do you need from a story really?

The drawings are fun and sexy and genuine. I think I’m starting to appreciate manga a little more, although I’m still not sold on the emotion faces, which are thankfully few and far between in this book. The characters grow into themselves very beautifully and the plot thickens with the (SPOILERS) reveal that the reason Ciel has sold his soul is vengeance on the people who killed his parents. It also extends the relationship between the Queen and Ciel, which I’m very interested in seeing unfold. They’d better run into each other. Seriously, I’ll be gutted if she doesn’t have a cameo.

I’m looking forward to book three. Whenever I get around to it.

Last movie I watched (sorta): Bon Cop, Bad Cop. Which every Canadian should see at least twice. And all non-Canadians once. It’ll really help you understand our culture.

Last TV show I watched (sorta): BSG. God I love BSG. And Helo. And Athena. Man, that show is amazing. I will never get over it.


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