A sprinkling of comic books. ‘Cause god knows I don’t read too many of those

Nightwing # 97 by Devin Grayson, Mike Lilly and Andy Owens

Nightwing # 98 by Devin Grayson and Sean Phillips

Nightwing # 99 by Devin Grayson, Zach Howard and Andy Owens

Nightwing #118 by Bruce Jones, Joe Dodd and Bit

Nightwing #120 by Bruce Jones, Someone Diaz and Bit

Nightwing #121 by Bruce Jones, Someone Diaz and Bit

On the one hand, I read a lot of comic books. On the other hand, it’s been a while and I totally missed it.

Nightwing episodes 97-99 were epic. I started reading comics right around the launch of the New 52 and I really did like it a lot. Until I started to read the pre-New 52 stuff and finally understood what the internet was complaining about. These comics take place after the Blockbuster murder and Dick Grayson’s rape/forced but pleasant sexual experience (if you’re DC. Everyone else kinda stands by rape). I haven’t read those ones yet, so I’m going to avoid that part. Anyway, the result of these experiences clearly mess Dick up a lot. And it’s really beautiful and tragic to see him working with Bruce, his father figure and Tim, his younger brother when he’s hurting so bad but still trying to be the man they need. Other pluses, Alfred ordering Dick back to bed after getting shot.

The other three are part of the one year later story line. Good solid plot. Jason Todd is pretending to be Nightwing, but killing people, so Dick, who had apparently been taking the rest of his life off, is forced to get back into the life to stop him. He’s dating a red head for a change (I mean there’s having a type and then there’s Dick Grayson and red heads. Seriously) and she has super powers. I’m really excited to see where this story ends, whenever I get back to a comic book store.

Comic books are short. So I think this blog post will be too.

Last movie I watched: Probably Miss Representation. Very good. If depressing. Made me want to be president for a minute. Only then I remember I’m in Canada and we don’t have one of those. Also I don’t lie very well.

Last TV episode I watched: Newsroom. So good guys. So good.


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