New favourite manga! Or that time when I opened a book the right way

Black Butler 1 by Yana Toboso

At the request of my fledgling Graphic Novel Book Club teens, I’m making an effort to read more manga, and one of the series they insisted I look at was Black Butler.

Totally get that. Unlike Vampire Knight, which I found passively enjoyable, I actually really liked this one. Like nerd level liked.

Not fangirl level liked or anything crazy like that, but definitely nerd level liked.

It’s the story of Sebastian, a magical and incredibly talented butler who works for the young Earl of Phantomhive. Like really young. Like 12 years old. Ciel’s family is a leader in business, particularly sweets and candy manufacturing, as well as working for Queen Victoria in slightly unusual capacities and is often in need of his butler’s services.

Of course, and here there be spoilers, everything is not as it seems with the loyal, not exactly human and somewhat evil servant.

I’m pretty sure the reason I liked this one so much more than Vampire Knight is because of the central relationship. I like that it’s not a love triangle, but really focuses on the relationship between Ciel and Sebastian. So that’s one great point. I also liked the Victorian era-ness of it and all the references to tea. There are other servants who are pretty much comic relief and kind of annoy me ’cause they take valuable page space away from Sebastian but whatever. Maybe they’ll grow on me.

In the absence of a thorough understanding of manga, and therefore the ability to comment on the genre as a whole, I think I’m going to leave it there for now. At least until I blog about the second one.

Last movie I watched: Brokeback Mountain. SO sad. And so much, much, much sadder than the last time I watched it.

In a non related story, I really wanna ride a horse up a mountain.

Last TV show I watched: My favourite BSG EVER!


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