Upside to blogs over vlogs: I don’t have to struggle to pronounce “manga”

Vampire Knight 1 by Matsuri Hino

After my last somewhat less than successful attempt at manga, I was totally ready to never try it ever again.

But my new fledgling graphic novel book club is mostly populated by teenagers who love it. And they told me I HAD to read some. Kind of specifically Vampire Knight and Black Butler. Which I’ll get to shortly.

This time, I had a much better reading experience. For one thing, I knew the  backward Z pattern of reading so I didn’t end up getting all the conversation bubbles wildly out of order. That really helped.  I struggled for a bit to understand what was happening to who, because the adorable (but apparently confusing) manga expressions that can totally change the way a character looks and thus upset my strategy of following the pictures.

But I can say, despite these setbacks, with complete confidence and zero googling, that I understood and liked the first volume in this, I assume, basically endless manga series.

Yuki was almost killed by a vampire ten years ago, but was saved by another vampire, the mysterious Kaname, who brought her to the Academy. The Academy is a school for humans during the day, the Day Class, and vampires at night, the Night Class. Her job, as a member of the Discipline Committee is to keep the vampires a secret along with Zero, another mysterious survivor of a vampire attack.

So, sadly, it is a love triangle. I mean, I’m pretty early on in it and I can already feel the love-triangly-ness of it. But what I’m interested in are some of the obvious but still intriguing plot bread crumbs that are leading the reader off into the direction of who exactly is Yuki and what makes her so special? Why does Kaname want to protect her? What is the relationship between Kaname and Zero and how does vampire law and etiquette affect them?  What is the magic between Yuki and Zero?

So I’m not saying immediately, ’cause I’ve already got so much to read, but eventually I’ll definitely look for the second one. That was fun. Totally fun.

Last movie I watched: George of the Jungle. Not as funny as I remember it.

Last TV episode I watched: The Body. Buffy. I cried ALL THE WAY THROUGH IT.


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