Would Anne Eliot understand?

Persuasion by Jane Austin

Well, unfortunately for you, I didn’t actually give up on this blog, life just kind of got away from me a little bit and it meant that I didn’t have time to 1) blog and 2) read.

But I guess sometimes you just have those… months… when life is happening really fast and even if you do just want to curl up with a cup of tea in a warm place and read your book you have to be out there living it. Or fumbling through it, whatever the case may be.

Insert awkward literary tie in here: I’m sure Anne Eliot would understand.

Persuasion is, shamefully, the only Jane Austin I’ve ever read. And I picked it because it’s my favourite Jane Austin movie.

I finished it sometime in November and at the time I was full of smart, engaging, English major-esk things to say but unfortunately I’ve forgotten them.

Also I kind of forget how to write a blog. Which means this might be a long night.

The reason, or at least I think the reason, that Anne Eliot is my favourite of the Jane Austin leading ladies is that she’s got a lot of understated kindness and strength and even fierceness which I love. If Lizzie Bennet is the best Austin character, her passion and love and strength is very visible, out there, where everyone can see it and be amazed by it. And don’t get me wrong, I love Lizzie Bennet, but I think I maybe admire Anne more. Because she’s quiet, because she tries to keep everyone happy, because she’s stupidly selfless until one day she realizes that she can be happy and pursues that. And by making herself happy, she brings happiness to the people she cares about. I sort of get that I guess.

Okay, weak. I know it.

Last movie I watched: Winter’s Bone. Good I think, if a little horrifying. Possibly really good, but I wasn’t really in a serious movie with dismemberment mood so I might not have gotten the full experience.

Last TV episode I watched: NEWSROOM. I mean, Newsroom. Which is good. I mean, TOTALLY AMAZING.


One thought on “Would Anne Eliot understand?

  1. Paige says:

    I am so glad you started writing this blog again. Also that you are watching The Newsroom.

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