Scariest Batman ever

The New 52 Batman The Dark Knight: Vol 2 Cycle of Violence by Gregg Hurwitz and David Finch

Fear is always a major part of Batman. It’s just a thing. It’s actually a really cool thing. And probably part of why people read are still so interested in it. ‘Cause we’re all still scared of something. The bad guys – insanity, irrationality, genius misused, the unpredictable nature of humans and the violence we commit against each other, lack of empathy, fear itself. The good guys – obviously Batman uses fear as a weapon. The average Batman comic has everyone trying to scare everyone else and everyone else trying to overcome their fears.

With this knowledge I was reasonably prepared for this book.

Only I wasn’t ’cause it was terrifying.

The villain is the Scarecrow who, despite his name and kind of alarming power of making everyone else afraid, has never been the top of my list of scary Batman villains. Until now.

So this book is a little light on the plot and heavy on the nightmare fuel. Which is probably why it wasn’t my favourite (I likes me some plot). This whole book is devoted to Batman trying to stop Scarecrow from kidnapping children for his experiments on fear. Shocking to no one I’m sure, Batman eventually finds him, is exposed to a lot of fear gas and trauma but ultimately survives and wins the day.

Highlights include Damian making a brief appearance and rescuing Bruce, followed by a beautiful scene when Bruce wakes up and Bruce’s lame attempts at having a girlfriend. The rest was pretty much back story, heavy on the emotional and physical torture of children and I don’t wanna talk about it.

Not my favourite. Good enough I guess, but really, not my favourite.

Last movie I watched: Still the first 8 minutes of Iron Man 3. Seriously, it’s uncanny how many times I’ve seen the first 8 minutes and not the rest.

Last TV episode I watched: NEWSROOM IS AMAZING


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