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Cat’s Cradle Book I: The Golden Twine by Jo Rioux

Cat’s Cradle was an impulse buy when I was waiting for a friend and had run out of things to read. I have no idea if there are more (I assume there will be?) and know nothing about it. Which is a little unusual for me these days. I guess I spend too much time hanging out with books.

Anyway, this is a delightful little graphic novel for kids. It’s the story of Suri, a young girl who dreams of being, and pretends to be, a monster hunter. But everything changes when her stories and her bragging get her a magic ball of twine. Twine that the monsters will do anything to get back.

I totally loved it. Suri is a likable, powerful but also flawed heroine whose mistakes drive the plot in a genuine and hilarious way. The cast of secondary characters is epic and delightful. Not an awful lot happens as far as the plot goes, but it’s a short book and obviously with a graphic novel you need a lot of space to get through not a lot of story. Still, its a charming beginning with lots of potential to grow into exciting places. The pictures are lovely, with a sort of subdued colour theme, pretty simple but very pretty.

It’s also fairly gender neutral. The main character is a girl but the lack of enthusiastic pink  splattered all over the cover and  the fantasy/monster story line is totally fun for boys. Or at least I think it is. What do I know? I’m not a boy. But I do really like Batman and I think boys would like it. Overall: Recommend for everyone.

I mean, mostly kids but like… anyone else can read it to.

Last movie I watched: Small amount of Iron Man 3

Last TV episode I watched: NEWSROOM IS AMAZING


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