Cartoon comic Batman

The Batman Adventures: The Lost Years by Hilary J Bader, Do Hampton and Terry Beatty

In the mid 1990s there was a really good Batman cartoon on TV. I didn’t watch it at the time ’cause I didn’t have cable but I remember the MacDonald’s toys being pretty cool. Anyway, not the point. The point is the show was really  good. I mean obviously I like it ’cause it’s got Batman in it, but I think other people agreed that it was really good too, so it’s not even crazy fangirl goofiness. This show was pretty epic.

Anyway, it spawned this graphic novel which more or less explains what happened between the time Batman and Robin broke up. Which was pretty sad but lead to some good story. In the beginning we see Bruce relying on Barbara Gordon and Batgirl more and more as Dick gets increasingly frustrated with Bruce’s no compromise methods and being a grown up still wearing green underwear over his tights. So after a bit of a crisis involving Barbara’s identity being revealed to Bruce and not Dick (who she was dating. Opps) Dick runs off. Half the story is Bruce, Barbara and new recruit Tim Drake as Robin fighting and training together. Half the story is Dick scrambling around the world looking for people who will teach him to be awesome. Or more awesome.

Not particularly original or ground breaking or anything, but totally fun with a really solid, grounded look at Dick’s anger and his journey through it as well as Bruce’s stoic silence about everything important to him and to Dick. In a lot of ways this book’s strongest point is just the relationships. Like Barbara’s and Dick’s relationship was pretty dysfunctional, even though they loved each other. Then after Dick leaves Barbara gets what she wants – a chance to work with Batman, but at the cost of her friend. Alfred, poor Alfred, has done nothing wrong and is the only one who openly misses Dick but he continues to serve Bruce. It just felt a lot like a family. Sore and injured and isolated through love and loyalty and devotion.

Good times.

Last movie I watched: Most of Pitch Perfect. As far as chick flicks go, I approve of that one. A lot. The music is awesome.

Last TV episode I watched: 1970s Batman. Hilarious. Batmite. What the hell guys?

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