No wonder the internet is so full of Batman and Robin slash

The Dark Knight Archives Vol 1 by Bob Kane (kind of ’cause he co-invented Batman but each story was written by a different authors)

So this book is a lovely pile of Batman and Robin stories from 1940 and 1941.

Man are they hilarious.

I mean, like super funny.

Although it does make me question how Batman survived as long as he has.

Some of the most hilarious moments include obvious attempts at brainwashing kids into staying away from crime (seriously, was this a huge problem in the 1940s? Was everyone sitting around waiting for their big chance to become gangsters or enforcers?), Bruce and Dick’s relationship drifting into the accidentally sexual all the time (seriously, I guess maybe the word choices didn’t have the same implications that they do now but not that many people would use “lithe” to describe a boy wearing nothing but underwear and a cape any more) and the didactic stories (Bruce builds a gym and has Dick infiltrate a Oliver Twist-esque gang of street kids to teach them about fair play) versus the completely laughable ones (pirates?!).

Also, Batman kills people.

Anyway giggles were had. I’m not sure any sane human without like a 300% nerd factor would ever really want to read this book but if you are that much of a nerd, totally go for it.

Last movie I watched: Hercules and Xena: Battle for Mount Olympus. YES THAT WAS A THING THAT HAPPENED.

Last TV episode I watched: Currently watching Ellen talk to Halle Berry. It’s okay I guess.

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