Oh 1980s, why were you so goofy?

Archive Editions: The New Teen Titans Volume 1 by Marv Wolfman, Dick Giordano and George Perez (and a load of other people)

This delightful book is the story, in glorious technocolour, of how the Teen Titans reformed, which I guess means they broke up at some point although I’m unclear on the details.

So, apparently normal colours were just not an option in the 1980s, because everything is obscenely brightly coloured. It feels a little blinding. And  man, the costumes, the costumes! I mean, everyone knows Robin’s is super bizarre (primarily the WHERE ARE YOUR PANTS!? part) but he looks practically sensible when standing beside Cyborg, who’s got this kind of stripper look and Starfire whose boot covers more surface area than the entirety of her outfit. What were they thinking?

Then of course  there’s some slightly uncomfortable racial portrayals (Cyborg’s talkin’ like a black man, yo!), pretty serious objectification of the ladies (Starfire is so beautiful she can even wear clothes and earn men’s attention) and something that I’m starting to think is a DC tradition that makes me super weirded out (women using power to control men sexually or otherwise – in this case Raven using her magic to make Kid Flash fall in love with her – which is treated as a minor road bump at worst).

Some of that I’m going to write off as a product of the time. Some of it is going to really irritate me ’cause we still haven’t moved past it. And some of it I’m going to laugh at. ‘Cause it’s hilarious.

Storywise though, this was pretty neat. I mean, I kind of prefer my heroes to be earth bound crime fighters, but if you have to go to another dimension to fight a giant demon god I guess this is the way to do it. If you’re going to force a showdown between the Teen Titans and the Justice League, that’s totally the way to do it. If you’re going to have commentary describing what’s going on in the pictures of a comic… well I guess that’s your call, but it’s a super weird choice.

Anyway, fun times were had! The eighties were mocked and then I moved on to read some old Batmans. ‘Cause I’m a dork.

Last movie I watched: Equilibrium. Although “watched” might not be the word I want, since I fell asleep shortly after Sean Bean’s death.

Last TV episode I watched: Don’t even really remember. Probably something stupid like Two and A Half Men


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