In which Dick Grayson sleeps with someone who doesn’t have red hair and doesn’t die (yet)

Nightwing/Huntres by Devin Grayson, Greg Land and Bill Sienkiewigz

An undercover cop is murdered in a hotel room in Gotham. Nightwing, left to protect the city while Batman’s out of town, investigates. Huntress is also investigating the death because the prime suspect is a member of the mafia. After a few run-ins with each other and a fair bit of head bumping they decide to work together.

And everyone knows what happens next. Obviously.

They sleep together, part ways, find each other again, solve the case, have a heart to heart and part on good terms.

Still, I really did like this story. As usual it’s hard to tell if  that’s because I adore Nightwing too much and got distracted from the plot or if it was actually good. I’m going to assume it was some combination of them both.

The mystery was pretty good I think, not that I’m much of a mystery person. I didn’t figure it out until at least halfway through, only a few dozen pages before the heroes did and of course, I was supposed to. I’m glad it was complicated and motivated by people being jerks, not complicated twisty evil scheming things. At least, I think I am.

But of course, the best part was Dick, Helena and a little touch of Barbara. Dick’s motivations for their brief fling are beautifully innocent and broken and guarded. Although he spends a lot of time flirting, I think the list of Dick Grayson relationships is like a third of Bruce’s and this one was kind of sweet, but in a way that really highlights the problems Dick has with love and other people because of the way he was brought up.

Helena, who I’m not that familiar with, also seemed pretty neat. Very female Bat, but without the moral hangup about killing people. Kick ass lady, who admits near the end that she had mostly slept with Dick to get into the Batfamily but you know she cares about him, just a little bit.

Barbara makes the last side of the love triangle, although I think this is actually pre Dick/Babs. Her appearance and concern for Dick was totally a highlight.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that if I could have stopped life to finish that one, I totally would have. It probably wasn’t that awesome but I still loved every single second of it.

Last movie I watched: Still Argo. I’m starting to think about Ben Afflick’s facial hair pretty seriously.

Last TV episode I watched: Still Two and a Hal Men. I’m so ashamed. Way more ashamed of that then I am of my Batman binge.


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