A kids graphic novel based on a cartoon – seriously, could I be more awesome?

Young Justice Creature Feature by Greg Weisman, Kevin Hopps and Christopher Jones

So, while still recovering from the cancellation of Young Justice (seriously guys?!) I picked up Creature Feature for a huge number of super nerdy reasons but mostly boiling down to it being fantastic.

Maybe I’m not a great person to declare stuff like that since I haven’t really spend that much of my life watching cartoons and arranging them in order of awesomeness, but I’m pretty sure this one would be up high on the list if I had.

Anyway, the book was pretty excellent. One of the stories was the unfortunately named Aqualad taking Miss Martian and Superboy to Atlantis to protect him from awkward conversations with his ex (that happens all the time right?) but the team totally ends up saving the day. Again. The second chunk was what the non-ocean compatible team members were up to, which was hunting down an international organization who wanted to create giant mansnakes ’cause…. all normal villains like… mansnakes (my favourite ’cause all the mentors were around and I love them and their… mentoriness). The last was the whole team on a mission to a jungle island where they become the allies of some nice telepathic apes.

Yup sometimes when I say stuff like that out loud it doesn’t really surprise me that nerdy people aren’t always embraced by the rest of the world.

Anyway, it was a great read that almost filled the gap in my life that the show’s untimely end created and it’s still like nine hundred degrees in here and I’m lacking intelligent, profound things to say.

About a children’s graphic novel.

Based on a TV show.

That was based on a comic.

So yeah, everyone read/watch and bask in the awesomeness of Young Justice while I go find some ice or something.

Last movie I watched: Still Argo. Still impressed. Mostly.

Last TV episode I watched: Two and a Half Men. It was an accident I swear. That show is on ALL THE DAMN TIME and I don’t have great satellite options.

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