Always with science fiction and comics – the long lost family member

The New 52 Batman: The City of Owls by Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, James Tynion Iv, Rafeal Alboquerque and Jason Fabok

Spoiler alert! Bruce Wayne’s long lost little brother turns up.

Whatever I was expecting from this book, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that. So I guess points to DC for surprising me. I thought it would be Batman battling the court. I didn’t see them all being dead at the hands of Bruce’s supposedly dead but not dead sibling. So that was neat. I like surprises.

So I’m pretty sure there are lots of things to be said about the narrative patterns and lack of kick ass ladies and confusion about continuity (In DC!?!? That never happens!) but it’s like a million degrees in my apartment right now and I’m pretty sure my brain has become somewhat… puddle like. So I’m going to give up on the paragraphs and grammar and stuff and going with the list. I love lists.

Also Mental Floss, which is a list show on Youtube.

1) I love that Bruce calls them “the family”. It’s so heartwarming. And also vaguely mafia like.

2 ) I love that Bruce gets very pissed off at the owls who invade his house. It’s so rare that any baddies get close to Wayne Manor that you don’t get to see him be all territorial very often and it’s super cute.

3) Damian and Dick get to team up! I love them

4) I kind of like that Fries is evil, straight up, in this one. I mean, I really do like complicated villains generally but in Batman pretty much all of them are Bruce’s fault somehow. I liked that Fries was just always heartless.

5) I really liked that Bruce refused to believe the long lost, long suffering relative villain stuff. So much drama could be avoided in fiction if everyone just stopped taking the word of random villains as absolute truth.

6) Dick and Bruce had the most beautiful conversation EVER.

7) I don’t really get the Pennyworth family flash back.

8) Love Harper (not the prime minister of my country, the kick ass comic book chick).

Done. Hope everyone’s staying cool.

Last movie I watched: Argo. I really liked it but I think it undersold the Canadians

Last TV episode I watched: V MARS IS AMAZING

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