Bat cow!

The New 52 Batman Incorporated Vol 1 Demon Star by Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham

Much to my surprise, given my haphazard comic book purchasing habits, I’d actually read most of this book before, just in little staple bound versions. I mean, I’d missed a few near the beginning but apparently I comic book collected most of this volume.  I’m not sure if that makes me awesome or incredibly nerdy.

I was terrified that I was going to watch Damian die in this book because repeat comic book trauma is a thing. Whatever.

Mostly the story revolves around Batman recruiting people for his Corporation and having the most massive fight possible with Talia, who’s feeling scorned and pissed off and wants her son back. And naturally that means destroying EVERYTHING.

Honestly, if the writer’s of Batman want to bring a shocking twist to the story they need to hook Bruce Wayne up with a woman who’s not evil or crazy. I’m just saying, no one would see it coming.

So, I’ve already written about most of this book somewhere else.  Mostly about how no one in Batman can parent to save their lives. Or the lives of their children. Instead of trying to think of more stuff to say, I will do a highlight list.

1) The recruit from Russia talking about vodka. Bruce responding that “He’s eleven. And I don’t drink.”

2) Jason Todd! Who I’m usually mostly indifferent to, was great.

3) Talia’s back story and how she became increasingly evil.

4) Any frame with Dick Grayson in it

5) Damian finding, adopting and naming a cow. Also protecting Batcow from Jason’s suggestion about eating her. He’s such a cutie.

Last movie I watched: Probably still a piece of an Adam Sandler movie

Last TV episode I watched: How I Met Your Mother. Neil Patrick Harris, how did you become so wonderful?

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