What would be an awesome story if it didn’t completely destroy Tim Drake!

New 52 Teen Titans: Volume 1 It’s Our Right to Fight by Scott Lobdell Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund

So I’m kind of of two minds about this one. One the one hand, the story was really fun. Teens with super powers coming together to fight an evil corporation that wants to capture, experiment or recruit them. How can you go wrong with that right? Cool fight scenes, awesome supporting characters, running, hiding, growing as people, forming great relationships with each other, generally being likable and amazing.

But when one of the those characters happens to be Tim Drake (Robin #3) and they take his character and they make him into something that’s like a horrible cross between Tim Drake, Bruce Wayne and a tiny bit of Jason Todd and then expect me to still love him! That’s just so not okay with me. I mean, I love Tim Drake and you can’t just take his whole personality and make him into this kind of heartless tactician who only cares about the mission. That’s Bruce! Not Tim. Tim is supposed to have Bruce’s detectiveness but without his coldness and I just… they broke Tim. Why, why did they do that?

Other than that, it was a good story. Standard recruitment tale, but still pretty solid.  I actually really liked the character that was Tim Drake, he just wasn’t Tim Drake. But he made a good team leader, and was cool, I liked how paranoid he was and how clever and the fact that he could compete with all the super powered humans he was hanging out with. He just wasn’t Tim. Superboy was cool, suitably clueless and prone to punching stuff with a dark past that saved us from Superman level perfection. Cassie was also nice (Wondergirl Mark 2 I guess?). Strong, sassy, defensive. I liked her. I adored Bunker, the lighthearted, genuine, caring, faith filled superhero who’s power is… magical purple bricks which is not as cool as it could be, but he was a nice character (also gay, but in a delightfully subtle way, as in he’s gay but it’s not his only character trait, further proving that gay people are…. actually just people). Kid Flash was pretty much the same as any other Kid Flash I’d ever seen (read awesome), Solace was an okay team member, I didn’t get as much of a feel for her as the others because I kept thinking… “gee look it’s Starfire’s replacement” and Skitter, who had the mandatory uncontrollable power on the team, but a truly beautiful relationship with Bunker.

I’m a little concerned that maybe these characters existed pre-New 52 and they’ve also been murdered and I just don’t know about is, since I’m not that familiar with them. Hopefully no one is sitting at home feeling as betrayed by DC as I am right now because Solace or Cassie used to be so much more awesome. If you are, I’m sorry. I feel your pain.

Last movie I watched: A small piece of Just Go With It. My TV was having an Adam Sandler marathon or something. Anyway, it was silly. I didn’t really like it.

Last TV episode I watched: Two and  Half Men. The best (possibly only) redeeming quality of the show was watching that boy grow up. Poor kid.


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