A Justice League I actually liked. In the New 52 no less.

The New 52 Justice League Vol 2 Villain’s Journey by Geoff Johns, Jim Lee and Scott Williams

So, I have mixed feelings about the New 52. Most of my tumblr feed seems to hate it. They did appalling things to poor Tim Drake (which had better be reconed out later or else…) but I have enjoyed some of it. The Owls timeline was really awesome. Although I was a little hesitant when it came to embracing Batman Incorporated, it is a really neat idea and maybe a natural place for the story to go. I adore Nightwing’s stories so far. Or maybe I just adore Nightwing. Whatever, I can’t tell.

And maybe I shouldn’t say things like this since I’ve only read this one volume, but as far as I can tell, the Justice League really benefited from the reboot.

For example, the Justice League number got cut from like a billion or however there were in Final Crisis to seven. Yup, nice manageable number, didn’t need an encyclopedia for figure out who was who, it was great. So we’ve got Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern (Hal Gordon, so that makes him what, Green Lantern #1?), Aquaman and Cyborg. Obviously a little disappointing ’cause we’re missing some of my favourites (Green Arrow, Black Canary anyone?) and there’s only one  lady hero and she doesn’t ever wear pants. But seven is just a much more reasonable number of heroes. They’re able to develop relationships with each other. How novel.

It also contained some pretty epic bromances. The Batman/Superman love was delightful (although I do love it when they have more of a love hate relationship) without having any giant sex aliens getting off on their relationship. Seriously, that’s a thing. (Check it out: http://www.cracked.com/article_18957_the-8-most-awkward-sexual-moments-in-comic-book-history.html). Green Lantern and Flash also had quite the homosocial life partner thing going and that was cool.

Actually, what it boils down to was the team dynamic. It was all awesome. Aquaman feels left out ’cause he’s torn between being in the League and protecting his underwater kingdom and none of the other members of the team get that, or are particularly supportive. Green Lantern is a cocky jerk who likes to assert himself all the time but really has no plan, and therefore pisses off Wonder Woman and Batman almost constantly. Flash is the peacekeeper. Batman’s paranoia separates him from the others, but brings him closer to Superman, apparently the only person he trusts. Wonder Woman is all rash and likes to punch stuff and is constantly confused by men and their existence but manages to figure it out enough to snog Superman. And let’s face it, they’re both are rash, like to punch stuff and are confused. I think they’re prefect for each other.

I guess there was a story in there too which was good actually. Everyone, or at least everyone who reads DC (or else they need to stop reading it like right  now), loves a super villain inadvertently created by the superheroes. It wasn’t genius but it looked pretty closely at grief and guilt which are interesting.

Final note, I found the drawings particularly appealing, so well done them!

A likable Justice League comic.

Last movie I watched: Like 10 minutes of Just Go With It. It wasn’t my fault! I don’t know why my landlady pays for satellite. There’s never anything on.

Last TV show I watched: Some cartoon called the Winx. See above reasoning.

It was better the Just Go With It.


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