The book that made me fall deeply, truly and completely in love with Tim Drake (Robin #3)

Red Robin: The Grail by Chris Yost and Ramon Bachs

It has been my long held belief that Tim Drake is the most unappreciated male Robin (no one cares about Stephanie Brown). Dick’s charming and amazing and the first and has really great character. Jason’s got the bad boy, back from the dead thing going for him. Damian, well he’s just adorable isn’t it? But Tim, no one really seems to love him.

Which is totally brutal.

As exhibited by this graphic novel, which is about Tim.

The book has two story lines mixing in nicely. The “now” story line has Tim traveling around the world using the name Red Robin  and searching for Bruce, who he believes is still out there somewhere, lost in time. He decides he needs a new identity because there are lines he’ll have to cross if he is going to find Bruce and he doesn’t want Batman and Robin tainted by his actions. His mission drives him to Ra’s Al Ghul and the League of Assassins and he enters into a reluctant partnership with one of Bruce Wayne’s most powerful enemies.

The “then” story is focused on Tim’s relationships with pretty much everyone he loves falling apart. He feels completely betrayed by Dick, when his older brother chooses Damian to be his Robin. Stephanie and Cassie (Wonder Girl? I’m not sure what her superhero name is but she’s like Wonder Woman, but not Donna, the one who came after that) try to reach out to him but he assumes they’re on Dick’s side and rejects their help when they don’t believe him about Bruce. Ultimately it leads to a showdown between Tim and Dick that ends in Tim leaving Gotham.

So what made this one of my favourite Batverse books ever was Tim’s struggle. I’m not sure if this says great things about my stability but I absolutely empathized completely with Tim’s feelings. He’s just trying to do the best he can in a situation that’s way too big for him and only half sure he’s not completely crazy. He’s isolated himself from his friends and family and has no idea what he’s doing, only that he’s got to keep doing it.

Who hasn’t felt that way once or twice?

His internal conflict was beautiful handled and way, way more interesting than the punching/kicking/throwing things conflict (although that is pretty excellent too – he’s got a great inner voice). Honestly, perfect.

Last movie I watched: Dear John. I was promised a moving movie watching experience. Didn’t really happen though. I’ll never be as perfect as that character Amada Seyfried played. Which means no one as dashing as Channing Tatum will ever fall in love with me. Which means I will have a devastatingly lonely life. Lame.

Last TV episode I watched: VERONICA MARS!!!!!!!!! Soooooo good.


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