A few sweet character moments, but mostly just Batman punching stuff. Also detecting.

Batman Detective Comics Vol 2 Scare Tactics by Tony S Daniel

Okay, so I really did have a good time with this in the fifty minutes it took me to get through it. It was great, it was exciting, Bruce ran around and was awesome and beat people up and figured things out and was all determined not to be mind controlled or let fear drive him (common theme of Batman) and all that other super important stuff.

But there’s not that much about this story that’s going to stick with me.

I liked the writing of Bruce with a dark sense of humour, since he usually doesn’t have one at all and I really liked the drawings. Fun was had, laughter was heard and squeeees were most definitely squeeeed, but I’m not really sure what else to say.  It was good, it was everything a Batman should be, it had sneaky, evil scary villains and I loved it.

Just not enough to write about it.

Last movie I watched: Iron Lady. I’m not sure I loved it.

Last TV episode I watched: Camelot. Liked it, but decidedly didn’t love it.


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