Some interesting things about monsters

My Boyfriend is a Monster #8 A Match Made in Heaven by Trina Robbins and Xian Nu Studio (presumably that’s a bunch of people?… whatever they did a good job)

So My Boyfriend is a Monster is a series of graphic novels, mostly marketed at teenage girls ’cause it’s more or less riding the Twilight wave (which is still kinda going…. how depressing is that?) Anyway, I’m not sure what my expectations were, going into this. I hoped it would be clever and challenging but didn’t really expect it to be.

But it kind of was.

The main character is a girl named Morning Glory who is, kind of typically, a social outcast at school, constantly being shunned by the cliques of her school and generally ignored. Her passion? Comic books. She’s drawing one to take to the giant comic arts festival in her town to show to her favourite comic book authors of all times. Other complications include frustration at her parents and her best friend Julia’s broken home situation. Of course, the set up to the story isn’t super great – as she tries to slip through high school without being noticed, a hot, new kid comes into one of her classes and is… well initially interested in Julia. But he falls for Morning Glory pretty quickly.

Of course he’s an angel (it’s not a spoiler, there’s a picture on the cover!) who’s been sent to earth to protect someone. But it’s not Morning Glory. It’s actually Julia. By falling in love he’s broken some pretty serious angel rules.

Also, just a heads up – if you’re one of the horrible people who hated on the Cheerio’s commercial, don’t even look at this book. Although, I’d have been more impressed if the angel was the non-Caucasian character ’cause seriously, when was the last time someone had a not white angel? Supernatural doesn’t count. Those ones were evil.

What impressed me most about this story was the evil. While there was bad angel who kind of hung around and was irritating for a while the real conflict was much more… well, real. Julia’s mother is leaving her stepfather, who’s an alcoholic and wants custody of Julia’s baby sister. Real problems, really heartbreaking situations for lots of kids and kind of heavy for a teen graphic novel. But so important. The other thing I really liked was that Morning Glory solved the problem. All right, I’ll admit that it was in a nauseatingly Christmas Special but whatever, you take what you can get right? The point is the angel Gabriel couldn’t fix anything. Morning Glory’s courage and loyalty and words kind of saved the day. A teenage love interest, not only solving her own problems, but helping other people to do that too? What are the chances?

Last movie I watched: The first view minutes of Iron Man 3. I was riveted, whatever my co-watchers had to say.

Last TV episode I watched: Camelot! Camelot! Camelot! It’s only a model.

I wish. That show took itself WAY to seriously.


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