I very much resent Batman villains who stab Alfred

Batman: Heart of Hush by Paul Dini, Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs

In which Bruce admits to Selena that he loves her.

You know, I think Selena’s a better choice for him than Talia. As far as I know, Selena has never decapitated any of Bruce’s other love interests and I really think that speaks volumes for her stability.

That’s beside the point though.

In Heart of Hush we see the return of Hush, as the name would suggest. I’m not going to lie, he is kind of one of my most favourite/hated Batman villain. He just makes for really good plots. At the beginning of this story he returns and makes a vague but genuine threat to “strike from a far”. Bruce freaks out, warns Alfred, Dick and Tim only to have Hush attack Selena instead and literally holds her heart random.

Yeah, this story may be suffering slightly from comic book biology.

Not the point. As I expected from a story about Hush, there’s lots of nice, winding plot, plenty of guest villains and a few near death experiences for almost everyone. Even Alfred. Although Bruce does put a stop to that in pretty short order. How crazy do you have to be to go after Alfred?

So, Batman villains sometimes have a connection with him, in a guilt inducing way. Two Face, Joker, they’re both a least a little his fault, and depending on which cartoon you’re watching sometimes they all are. But Hush is different. Bruce Wayne created Hush by being Bruce Wayne. By being charming and rich and shallow. By wearing a normal person outfit. Not by being Batman. Like… completely accidentally using his other secret identity he made a super villain. Which is kind of a neat change.

So yup! I didn’t love this one the way I loved Hush, but it was pretty excellent.

Last movie I watched: Hobbit. Wonderful. Too long. Weird mix of epic and children’s story. Whatever.

Last TV episode I watched: Same Young Justice. Everyone, stay whelmed.

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