The “We’re very sad about Damian” comics

Batman Detective Comics Requiem by John Layman and Jason Fabok

Batman Requiem by Scott Synder, Andy Kubert and Sandra Hope

Batman and Robin Requiem by Peter J Tomasi, Pat Gleason and Mick Gray

Nightwing Requiem by Kyle Higgins, Juan Jose Ryp, Roger Bonet and Juan Aldarran

Batgirl Requiem by Ray Fawkes, Daniel Sampere and Rob Hunter

Batman Beyond Unlimited 13, 14 by Fridolfs Corona, Beechan Breyfogle, Yeung Krul and Porter Livesay

So this a bundle of comics I bought mostly so I had some way to mourn Damian that didn’t involve tumblr or looking at a sympathetic coworker and moaning “Damian” whenever I get too bummed out about it.

Some of them were better at it than others. The Detective Comic only has one page where Bruce and Alfred are sad about Damian’s death, and while the other thirty four pages of comic were nice, they didn’t really do that much for me. Batman beats up dudes for a while – it’s a classic, but not that unusual either. The Batman was better, because it was full of Bruce being sad (yes, apparently I seek comfort for fictional character’s deaths in the grief of other fictional characters, that’s totally normal okay?) and a good story,told mostly through a young woman who was surprisingly kick ass for a DC lady. The Batman and Robin was super, super heartbreaking. There were no words at all, just Alfred and Bruce trying to get through their lives with Damian’s absence. It was remarkably well done and probably my favourite stand alone comic ever. The Nightwing was also gutting because of course Dick was Damian’s Batman for a long time and they had a really great relationship. Plus there was a really beautifully written comic a few months ago which they keep flashing back to. Watching Dick try everything he can think of to help him feel the pain just a little less and failing each time is heart wrenching.  Then his conversation with Damian’s headstone, it’s just so raw and honest I totally cried. Which should surprise no one. The Batgirl was a really good story piece but it had very little to do with Damian’s death, other than having Barbara acknowledge it and try to talk to Dick about it. Good, just not what I was looking for at the time.

The Batman Beyonds held some particularly exciting moments. Pretty much anything with Dick Grayson is wonderful, Terry is his usual sweet self, Dana finally works out that Bruce and Terry are the Batmans and we see the apparent death of a super big villain, which is a refreshing change. One of the neatest things was the narration is the one told through Dana’s perspective. Her story had never been that interesting to me until I read that one and then I started to think she might actually be a character and not a love interest. My other favourite part was the new Flash is a black woman. I feel like that’s about as ballsy a move as DC can usually manage, having a woman superhero wearing clothes, particularly  if she’s an iconic one that’s usually a Caucasian man. So, good for them. Sorta anyway. Baby steps.

Last movie I watched: The Hobbit. That was… a thing. I’m not sure about half of it was a good idea, but what do I know? I spent most of it being distracted by how beautiful Richard Armitage is, even when dressed as a dwarf

Last TV show I watched: Episode of Veronica Mars. Yeah, started that. It’s really good so far. I mean, I knew it was, but I’m still impressed.


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