Book two in a fantastic series that’s probably not actually meant for kids

Song of the Quarkbeast by Jasper Fforde

Okay, so this book  is the second in a series that started with the Last Dragonslayer and I more or less have the same feelings about it as I did the first one. Primarily that while it is an awesome story with loads of wonderful quirky characters and clever word play I’m just not that sure that kids are going to get the full experience of reading it.

Because the quirkiness of the characters is just so random and delightful and… literary. Not that that’s a bad thing, I’m a huge fan of stuff being literary I just don’t know that many kids who would read the words “transient moose” and start to giggle about it. I mean, I think it’s hilarious. Who doesn’t love the idea of a large temporary land mammal?

In my mind, any child who has to go to the effort of working out what “transient” means.

The book is delightfully genre savvy but unlike say, Alcatraz in which the narration draws attention to its awareness of itself, this book depends on the readers to find it. Without underestimating the intelligence of children, I have a feeling that for many of them, an appreciation of this kind of meta writing probably isn’t really there.

You know how all the great Pixar movies have jokes for parents embedded in them? I feel like this book is only jokes for parents. It’s a good story that kids can totally enjoy, but the thing that makes it unique is probably not coming through.

So yeah, great book, totally fun, looking forward to reading the next one whenever it comes out but I’ll probably continue to question the wisdom of marketing it as children’s lit.

Last movie I watched: Secretariat. Super sweet, beautiful horse but I kind of guessed the ending.

Last TV episode I watched: I’m not sure I remember. Maybe a Grimm or maybe a Batman or maybe a Batman Brave and the Bold. Weird.



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