Everything about how not to parent that I learned from Batman

Nightwing 17 by Kyle Higgins, Juan Jose Ryp and Roger Bonet

Batman Incorporated 4,5,6,8 by Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham and Jason Masters

As a single, stand alone Nightwing comic with whatever it is, 36 pages, this is one of my favourites. Dick’s just had like … the worst I don’t know, entire life? … ever? His girlfriend’s dead, his circus burned down, whatever happened in the end of Death of the Family probably totally sucked for him too and he keeps telling everyone he’s fine. But my darling, sweet Damian totally sees through it and it’s just wonderful.

There. I’ve spoiled the whole thing for you.

As far as plot goes, there isn’t much. It’s pretty much the build up to a beautiful bonding moment, no doubt dreamed up in the evil brain of Grant Morrison so we could all be extra devastated when Damian dies shortly after.

He’s a jerk.

As demonstrated in all of these Batman Incs.

In 4 Bruce forbids Damian from fighting Talia and her evil Leviathan army of random dudes forcing Damian to … put on a different costume and do it anyways. Lesson one in bad parenting: closing off too many safe options makes your child go with the worst possible one.  At the end he tells Damian he can never be Robin again and in fact needs to go back to Talia. Lesson two: avoid having zero faith in your children and sending them back to their evil crazy parent if you’ve seen a possible future in which the world gets destroyed. Bruce then leaves Damian in the care of the former Robins to go fight Talia. Lesson three: striving for as much strife as possible between two parents will screw up your child.

And in the last one Damian dies.

There’s probably a lesson in there somewhere, but I’m too distraught to work it out.

Stupid Grant Morrison killing Damian to prove a thinly veiled allegory about divorce or something. I loved him!

Yup. Nothing else to say other than…. it’s day 69 and I’m still not over it.

Last movie I watched: Les Mis. Still. But it is a hard one to follow.

Last TV episode I watched: Batman. The 90s one. With the crazy crime boss who thought he was Zeus. DC has an amazing capacity for ridiculous villains


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