The most under appreciated Robin

Red Robin 21- 25 by Fabian Nicieza, Ray McCarthy, Freddie Williams II and Marcus To

Batman and Robin The New 52 16, 17 by Peter J Tomasi, Pat Gleason, Mich Gray, Keith Champagne and Nick Gray

Oh man it’s been forever since I blogged anything (apparently I work like a child – forever is any length of time longer than when I’m going to eat next). That’s mostly because I haven’t read much this month. Seriously, it’s been these 7 comics and one grown up book. That’s all. For pretty much all of April.


Red Robin is the series about Tim Drake and what he did with his time after Dick chose Damian to be the next Robin. I don’t think it’s still running, but hopefully someone will bring it back sometimes in the future because Tim Drake doesn’t get the attention he deserves. Tim is the third Robin, who worked out all by himself that Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson were the Dynamic Duo (although as I understand it, DC  reconned this in the New 52 ’cause they’re jerks) and came to help after Jason’s death. He was a great Robin generally, but the internet seems to love the other Robins so much more. Dick Grayson, I totally get because he’s too damn wonderful not to adore, everyone loves the drama of coming back from the dead morally grey so Jason Todd is a favourite, no one remembers Stephanie Brown and well… Damian is just awesome. So somehow Tim just gets lost.

But his series is actually super awesome. It’s filled with appearances of the Batfamily (this is the first time I’ve met Cassandra, aka Batgirl take 2) and Tim’s frustration and affection for them, which is really how almost everyone feels about their family if everyone’s being completely honest. The story is sufficiently mysterious but with favourite returning baddies (Jean Paul Valley what!?) and keeps everything moving on quickly.

My favourite moment comes when Tim has been taken prisoner, is tied up and being seduced by a lady villain (yeah one day I’m going to write a paper about rape in DC, how badly they handle it and how most of the characters who get raped seem to be male) and he thinks to himself “isn’t this pretty much how we got Damian?”

The Batman and Robins were also good fun but I’d missed a few leading up to them so the story was kind of disjointed and nonsensical. I’m really looking forward to DC publishing Death  of the Family in graphic novel form so it’ll be a little more coherent. Anyway, the important parts are that the Joker was creepy, Damian was darling and everyone had loads of intense hallucinations.

Last movie I watched: Hesher. Not sure how I felt about it. It had it’s moments I guess but overall it didn’t really do anything for me.

Last TV show I watched: Young Justice. The second episode. Totally whelmed.


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